1611-03h Garden with Elderberry and Japanese Maple

1611-03h Garden with Elderberry and Japanese Maple

Whole Oils 20in x 24in Board + (2in Border) Eco-friendlier materials and practices.

This piece has a sister painting, Persimmon Hillside. Both plein-air paintings, Thorsen again shares the experience as well as the painting. The emerald green underpainting compliments that of Persimmon Hillside's mineral aqua.

Painting cost includes custom handmade Kregness frame.
Frame is archival and signed; hard white-maple.
24" x 28" opening for painting; 1.5" profile.

For an added fee, original custom frame may be exchanged for:
smaller profile; stained; walnut; cherry; quarter-sawn oak or for a hand-carved gold frame. Custom frame prices range from $150 for tailored walnut, cherry, white maple and quarter-sawn oak to $900 for a hand-carved gold plein-air.